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Our 8th song for the Social Singles project is a track called "Bend". Once again, we sought to experiment with new textures and feels as we sought out a driving beat, with soaring, hypnotic overlays and woven melody. We hope you like listening as much as we love creating. As Always...download, share and enjoy.

What are The Social Singles? Simply put, it is a collection of songs that we will be releasing online over the course of 2012.

In todays technologically advanced and socially connected world, the ability and ease of an artist to share their work with others is easier, quicker and less constrained by cost than it ever has been. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp and Soundcloud (among others) have been transformed from mere information repositories to highly developed tools that artists now have to share their passion with the world.

So, as a challenge to ourselves, an offering to our wonderful supporters and in general a really fun project; Days of Rae will be writing, recording and releasing one single each month throughout 2012. We will be distributing each song completely free of charge on as many social platforms as we can think of. Thusly, throughout the year you will have these songs (dubbed "The Social Singles) available to you to download, share, repost, love, hate, praise, criticize or however else you wish to consume.

With this project, we aim to make each release unique. The production of each song will range from duo compositions recorded in songwriter Cherie Rae Cobbs' home studio, to full band arrangements recorded and produced interstately. We also hope to feature guest musicians on select songs throughout the year.

As always, we thank you for listening as we look forward to a fun and productive year.

-Days of Rae

For more info about us and frequent updates on The Social Singles visit us at our website (www.daysofrae.com) and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/daysofrae)


What if you're the only thing I need
Fight my battles bend, burn and bleed
You know the only way to make me happy
Let go of what you know can hurt me

Tie my hair up, let it hang low
See beyond my uneven soul
Wage a war against my breeding mind
Show me ways to see another brighter side

Close the shade, turn down lights
Do not slip on my sinking sides
I only want to feel this way
Turn maladies to unwoven maze

It's right this way
to feel this way

A girl like me lives in my mind
You should read the story lines
My hair's a mess, my eyes are too
See them watching only you

See them watching only you
watching and waiting and hoping and baiting
standing on these shores
eyes blinded to the tides
we stand to fight to live to try
pushing away the pull of the moon
lighting the darkness that desires to loom
eyes blinded to the tides
we stand to fight
to love
to try


from The Social Singles, track released August 31, 2012
Cherie Rae Cobbs - Vocals, Electric Guitar
Shon Cobbs - Bass, Drums, Synth



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Days of Rae Denver, Colorado

Days of Rae is a myriad of sound. The band blends dynamic melodies with inventive instrumentation, catchy hooks and thoughtful lyrics to create a sound that is rooted in folk rock with both pop, indie and alt country sensibilities infused within.

Their live set is warm and engaging. Cited for their chemistry, they deliver a performance as unique as their craft of song.
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